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February 2012
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Teknikat [userpic]

Oops I kinda neglected this thing again. Le sigh....oh well LJ seems to be dying anyway. Still I thought I'd post a shit ton of art that I've done for both Art Slam and since then.

These were all All God coloration tests. Most of them really sucked but a couple I liked....

These were the next ones....I ended up going with the second one. So cute!

Just some minen doodles and a sad All God. Daw.

The Earth Elemental! His gems and crystals and stones (and even his body a bit) change color depending on his mood. These are just a few. XD

Here are some coloration examples for the Water Elemental. She's a lot like Earth with her ability to change color... XD Unlike Earth her moods shift fast so she tends to change color quite frequently.

I just liked the colors on the bottom one. It was a crappy Art Slam day.... XD

Just Earth and Air yakking....or well more like Earth is doing the yakking... XD

I was trying to figure out the Metal Elemental....never finished this.

The Space Elemental attempt....I didn't like it.

Another one where I just liked the colors...

Attempting the Time Elemental this time. Another failure.

A random alien....

Doodle spam. I've been working on my felcar and humans. I'm slowly getting better.....so. Slowly. /sigh

More felcar work.

Trying to figure out my Shnn felcar.....grr.

I've been trying to figure out the Shnn bodies. Grah I kinda wanted to try something new but it just wasn't working out with what I had in my head.... :/

I ended up drawing this the other day and liked the stocky thick body I came up with. >.> I'll be honest I finished mainly because I liked the head. Here's what I put on Tumblr:

Moar Shnn! As you have probably guessed Shnn are my favorite of the Felcar. XD This is an older neuter and is looking a little grizzled from a long life.

So here’s a general run down on Shnn Felcar. Of all the Felcar they are the most intelligent and psychically proficient as well as being the largest in weigh. Mhash are nearly as intelligent but do not have their psychic abilities and so fall behind a bit. A Shnn also has more feelers than almost any other species and the ones in the middle of their forehead are their main reason they are so telepathically responsive. These special feelers act as a sort of antennae that picks up mental waves allowing them to listen and even ‘speak’ to others. Also all except the special two feelers (I so need a better name…) are prehensile.

But more about feelers later.

All Felcar eyes have a double pupil. The reason for this is yet unknown and the Felcar are very closed mouth about it. (Aka I don’t know… XD) Perhaps a lighting anomaly or it gives them the ability to see infrared/ultraviolet… who knows.

Yay felcar reproduction! From Tumblr:

Okay before we get into the scary picture above a few facts about felcar in general.

There are three genders which are male, female, and neuter. Neuters live in tribes while males and females are mated for life and live the life of nomads. A sexed pair single goal in life is basically to reproduce as many young as possible. Female felcar are almost always pregnant and when ready to ‘birth’ the young they go to the nearest neuter tribe and have the offspring. After perhaps a month (maybe less) they are once again on their way.

The neuter kits that are left behind usually become part of the tribe but will sometimes break off to find a new one. A sexed kit will be held in high regard and is treated with the utmost care and respect. Once a male or female comes of age they leave the tribe to seek a mate and to begin the cycle again.

But wait, how do they have babies?! Simply put felcar don’t have sex. :( Poor guys!

Anyway so male felcar have a special feeler (either the largest right or left feeler) which holds a pocket. Once ‘mating’ is to happen he unseals his antennae (only males can do this and only when ready to ‘mate’) wherein lies a packet of what is the equivalent of sperm (or dna or whatever)

The female on the other hand has a pouch much like a marsupial of Earth. When ready she will usually lie on her back and relax the muscles of her pouch. Inside is a membrane that the male makes a very small hole through and deposits his sack. The female immediately closes her pouch and allows the small tear to heal.

Inside her pouch is the equivalent of a uterus. The males packet will eventually hit a wall of the uterus they will both begin to fuse and start reproduction. (Durr would this even work? Yay for making this part up on the fly… >.>)

The young slowly grow, attached to the womb by their feelers (and it’s because of this that their feelers are highly protected). Twins are quite common and the uterus can hold up to a set of twins and an embryo. The fetuses do not move overly much in the womb with some kicking and so on. Their feelers, while very flexible are stiff enough that it will usually stop their movement before they can injure the feeler.

Kits born with a defective feeler and pitied and are quickly killed before they realize what a terrible life they would live.

Uhm….I suddenly has a brainfart. I can’t remember anything else I was going to type…. O.o

Do you have any questions that would make me think or just in general a curiosity?

This was a doodle that I decided I wanted to color to try and figure out their crests and such. This is actually older as I've since taken their crest down to just two. I just kinda wanted to work with their coloration and general things...

And that's it! Hmm.....I'm all sleepy now. Bleh....

Oh I has a Tumbler.....Right Here! :O Scary!

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Coooolooooooors! XD Thank you!

How do you come up with this awesome stuff?? ♥

XD I do a lot of not doing anything. Every now and again I doodle and try to come up with something interesting.... XD