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February 2012
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Teknikat [userpic]

I've been drawing a lot more lately and here's what I've been working on recently....

Here we have a male (left) and female (right) Shnn felcar touching feelers. For felcar this is a deeply sentimental moment. When two felcar (especially Shnn) connect feelers they become almost like one in their minds. This is a highly sacred and uncommon occurrence as the level of trust and commitment is very high and is fairly rare. This connection can happen between a male and a female or between two neuters as it has nothing to do with reproduction and instead is relies on the belief and love of their partner.

All felcar have prehensile feelers, with the muzzle feelers being the most sensitive. The two forehead feelers that Shnn have are not prehensile and instead amplify their mental abilities to hear and understand and even send mental waves. All Shnn talk with a small amount of body language but most is through the silence of telepathy. All felcar are capable of this to some degree with T’mau being able to send pictures to the Shnn who are not only able to have in depth conversations but can also reach quite a large distance with their minds.

Also with this picture the female has been decorated by either a felcar with a high degree of finesse or a human. Shnn often enjoy decorating themselves with either tattoos (done by human hands) or by semi-permanent inks. In this case the female is quite done up while the male is not and is instead his normal coat color.

Bleh I’m getting tired. Anyway this is just a wip that I’ve been having fun with. I’m trying to decide that if I shade it if it should be cell style or not….

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