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February 2012
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Teknikat [userpic]
Art Spam!

Wow it's been a long time. Almost no one seems to be on here anymore but nevertheless I think I'll do an art update. XD I don't know if anyone even looks at this anymore but just in case...

This is just a bunch of Shnn doodles. Uhm....some things have already changed and these are months old at this point anyway...

Just more Shnn doodles.

A really bad drawing of a Kshii with a human child. >.> Yeah. Still working on humans.

A Flygon that I'm still working on. XD I swear I will finish the shading on this thing at some point!

An Axew....I really dislike this drawing but thought I'd put it up anyway.

An equally bad Breloom. Bleh.... I was on a bad Pokemon drawing kick. XD

A Darumaka which I actually do like! Darumaka's body makes no sense to me! O.o

A Mhash Felcar. Uhm....basically they rule the world of Felcarri. >.> There is so much back story and such that I don't feel like typing it all. :/

A Lapras. It was a decent drawing so I quick colored it. Daaaw, Lapras are just so cute!

Another Mhash. XD

An Aron! I actually don't care too much for the Pokemon but I had to choose one... XD I do like the doodle though!

A Banette....I don't think I made it look very creepy although I tried. Creepy just isn't my style I think!

A Bulbasaur! I love this Pokemon...it's always been one of my favorites!

A Honchcrow. I liked this one at first but now I don't really care for it. Birds give me such issues although I'm getting better.

A Togekiss. Once again I like parts of this drawing but others I really don't. Boo to anatomy that makes sense!

Lucario...which I never finished. >.>

A Dragonite that I started the other day that I may or may not finish. I really need to fix the legs....

A Gastrodon! For some reason I've always really liked this Pokemon and so for a challenge I was doing I had to draw it! Yay!

Another Shnn doodle.

Another random doodle...this one is PS5. For some reason I couldn't get the pressure sensitivity to work very well much to my annoyance.

I'm trying to flesh out how I want my Shnn to look but I keep messing up. For some reason I cannot picture how I want their bodies to look in my head...it's very frustrating.

Another attempt.

Attempt at the char again. I just CAN'T get it right. Graaaah I'm growing so frustrated! XD

And that's it! I am mostly posting stuff on my Tumblr along with random reblogs! XD So yeah.... Whee?

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Current Music: Suite Madam Blue by Styx

I'm still here and not going anywhere! :D

I adore all your drawings. I love how you're so in depth with the characters, even right down to bone structure and reproducing. It's amazing. And your realistic Pokemon are just so cool too... I'd be curious to see realistic Digimon, but hey! I'll deal! Haha.

Really good :)