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Teknikat [userpic]

Amg Cataclysm! Noooooooo Auberdine and Thousand Needles! Poor Booty Bay! :( Buuuut....DEATHWING!! Wheeeeeeee...

This cinematic was wonderful! My only beef with it is where are the damn races?! I mean, come on we could have at least shown the two new ones....

Oh well....

CATACLYSM!! *squeees into the night*

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Teknikat [userpic]

So I'm liking and disliking this new patch on WoW. I like how my boomkin spec is WAY OP and is terribly terribly fun....I'm hating how my beloved feral spec is currently poo.

:/ Seriously Blizz, did you have to kill cats that bad? Sure, it's fun doing 11k+ as boomkin with a 5.7k gs (or aka badge gear) but none of the tanks can keep aggro off me! :( I died and nearly pulled aggro even after waiting for tanks to get aggro. This makes me a sad panda...

Please, I love boomkin but make sure you make feral fun again. Sure, I haven't had much time to mess with feral (too much Wheeeeeeeeeeee with boomkin) but from what little I saw....yeah. Just....yeah.

Silly WoW....

....and oh fun raid leader why did you feel the need to quit WoW now? :( I'm going to miss you and having you lead our faildorkraidsofdoom!

So many sadfaces...

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Teknikat [userpic]

Goodbye my baby. I will miss you forever as you were always a highlight of my life. Even if you constantly tried to make the other cats have sex with you, or peed all over everything because you wanted to prove that you were uber and special. Despite these things you were my baby, my beloved one, always wanting to cuddle with me and lay in my lap and purr like there was no tomorrow.

I will miss you so much Smeegol...please rest easy in the next life knowing that I love you forever. Also, I'm sure the wild grapes will love to be your new giant headstone.

Goodbye baby....


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Teknikat [userpic]

First three people to give me a Pokemon (by midnight eastern time) to draw will get a doodle of said Pokemon!


*Edit* Sorry all, all done for tonight. Maybe next time!

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Teknikat [userpic]


A fan made project and it made me laugh at how just terrible it looks but a dark live action pokemon movie might be kinda neat...

XD Still.....this was hilarious just to watch!

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Teknikat [userpic]

I'll be honest, the outright feminism on wow_ladies lately is starting to make me want to leave the community. Seriously people, just because someone called someone a 'bitch' in a game, or something stupid like a girl being turn into a stone (or somesuch) doesn't mean that the gaming world it out to belittle you and say we're worthless, pointless, what have you.

Honestly, seeing that these posts are popping up more and more often makes me gag as their feminist outcry is really sad.

Grow the fuck up....


Teknikat [userpic]

Today's my birthday....I'm 28. Man time flies when I don't want it to!

Teknikat [userpic]

Satoshi Kon died.... I am very :( face about this....

Boo I say...boo....

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Teknikat [userpic]

"Feed me Seymour, feed me all night loong! Feed me Seymoouur, so I can grow up big and strong!"

I have watched Little Pet Shop of Horrors since I was like...8 and no matter how many times I watch it I still love that damn movie. At 2 am, I'm sitting there watching it and singing along with all the songs. Audrey 2 has such WONDERFUL animatronics that I can seriously just drool over how complex they are. And Audrey 2 has such a wonderful voice...
....Did I mention that I love this movie? I don't think I want to know how many times I watched it as a kid...

Also trying to decide if I want to go see Scott Pilgrim vs The World tomorrow....


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Teknikat [userpic]

I haz Pokemanz for xesta, narumi, bloodhoundomega, iatro, ghostfire, and suddenlyspring!!

Pokemanz are inside!Collapse )

And yay those are the Pokemon I drewded today.... Whee?

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Teknikat [userpic]

First five people who give me a pokemon to draw will get said pokemon doodled!


(Yay for no WoW as my server is down for 24 hour maintenance!)

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Teknikat [userpic]

Night Elves (Generic Music) | Music Codes

So....sexy. This is just one of many from World of Raids that was posted. I think this one is my favorite....so....LoTR/Nelfy/Spiffy!

Hmm...Cataclysm....why oh why can't I have a Beta invite?!

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Teknikat [userpic]

So I've been playing WoW for like...5 years now?

So why oh why have I not gotten a beta key for anything?!

Dammit Blizzard, I just want to play around until Cata comes out, preferably in Cata's beta!


WTB beta key, PST!

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Teknikat [userpic]

Well instead of playing WoW for copious amounts of time today I decided to color! I have found that I absolutely adore the watercolor tool in Sai and...well....

Look inside to see the results!Collapse )

Now I just need to figure out what I want to do next!

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Teknikat [userpic]

Two posts in one day?!

I finished inking that WoW druid piece...

That's the original...

And here is the new!Collapse )

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Teknikat [userpic]

So....some points!

I have a new computer....quad core, blah blah blah, plays WoW real nice! Sadly my guild died right as I got it and the current guild I'm in sucks (not really but they raid when I'm at work and the atmosphere is...not what I like) and so I haven't got to play with it much.

I'm actually considering transferring Earth to a new server but...I have no clue where. Blah.

Anyway, my job is still my job but I either need a new one or a second one. Boo I say! That or I need to go to school, but for what I'm still not sure.

I just got Paint Tool Sai today.... and omg....I am actually enjoying inking...well doing lineart anyway! I've been inking that druid cat picture for weeks now (I hate lineart, I'd spend like 15 minutes doing it then quit out of frustration/boredom), but today I finished the Nelf cat form and now I'm starting on the Tauren. I will eventually color this, but...DAMN the lineart quality from PS to Sai...well it's just such a huge difference. So much cleaner...luckily you can't tell that when you zoom out but damn! And the rotate tool is so much effing win...

I'm actually enjoying arting at the moment....feels nice to maybe finish something for once!

So I just wanted to yak about that real quick....yay for good art programs!!


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Teknikat [userpic]

Man I need a new computer....I can hardly play WoW on this one now. The graphics card is getting worse and worse, and even with everything at the lowest setting I'm still getting crap for fps....

Boo I say....boo...

I wonder if I can find a new computer for a decent price (aka $800 or less) that will allow me to play WoW (and Cata) with at least most of the setting middling to high up....

Stupid computer...

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Teknikat [userpic]

Okay, so Kekkaishi aired on Adult Swim tonight. Now I highly enjoy the manga but the show is kinda meh. Not terrible not great, but I'm like hey, I'll check out he English version. So I'm watching it....the voices aren't too bad although the grandpa dude's voice is bad...and finally we get to the end of the first episode and we hear Yoshimori's teen voice (that will last for the next 50 some episodes...)

It's. Vic. Fucking. Micgonadlkfjasdfa. The voice of Edward from Fullmetal Alchemist and so on and so forth. Don't get me wrong, I like this voice actor. I DESPISE hearing him everywhere. Despise! Not only that but his voice DOES NOT fit Yoshimori's character...

I literally turned it off because I couldn't stand it. It's bad enough that he's Edward in FmA but now in Kekkaishi to?! Ugh, someone please find a new voice actor asap....hell I'd take Johnny Young Bosch over Vic...

/end random rant

In other news I has a boy now....sadly he lives in New Jersey. This will have to be rectified..

The end.

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Teknikat [userpic]

Okay I was going to go see it anyway but now I really do want to see it...if only for the pretty animals and special effects...


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Teknikat [userpic]

Randomly colored that chikorita today....complete with fail background!

Go me! >.>

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Teknikat [userpic]

So I finished watching "Life" tonight....the eleven part Discovery Channel documentary and I must say...

I'm thoroughly disappointed.

My first gripe is Oprah Winfrey as the freaking narrator. The woman had NO life to her narration. It was 'blah, blah, blah' this and 'monotone dialogue' that. I mean, where was the gripping vocalization to the harsh lives these animals lived and died? Where was the wonder, the excitement, the amazement to some amazing animal feat or beauty of the surroundings or some interesting behavior? Seriously, I don't mind Oprah but damn she sucks as a narrator...

My second gripe was that is simply did not stand up to "Earth" in terms of filming. Sure, some of the shots where nice but overall they had nothing on "Earth"'s. Sure, Earth brought a bunch of new things to the fore but still, Life's crew (or whoever was behind the filming) seemed to have no interesting in creating interesting filming. Yay, more baby dead seals, yay more chimps using tools, yay a whole episode about freaking primates when you already did an episode about mammals! Bah. I'm mean yeah, some of it was nice, but wow, bower bird mating? Whoop de doo... sure their bowers were pretty neat but why wait for weeks to watch a mating? The orca eating seal pups? So she went into a shallow pool to grab a pup....we see that a lot anyway. The kimodo dragon one was one of the few that I saw as being slightly worthwhile...and even that was kinda 'meh'.

Also, what is with the seeming reusing of footage from BBC stuff? Was this originally done by the BBC, and if it was originally and we simply reused the footage (it probably happened in "Earth" but "Earth" was cool and new and I didn't know... >.>) what kind of effort does this show actually show? I mean "Earth" too 5 years to film while "Life" took 3.

Which brings me to yet another gripe. The. Freaking. Computer. Generated. Nature. Scenes. Okay not completely computer made but put together by computer. I was most enthralled (and it was by far the BEST episode) by the plants episode and while there were points where I could tell some of it was added digitally, I was extremely annoyed to find out that a long 'single shot' segment was shot partially in England and the rest was finished in a studio. Yes, I realize that plants are finicky and their growing can't be calculated in nature but damn! I watch the show to see nature, not some studio plants put by computer into a real scene.

Anyway, overall I was desperately disappointed. I had been so looking forward to another "Earth" series only to have this one fall terribly short of it's predecessor. Boo to you "Life" team, I am unhappy and only somewhat entertained by your new (and now over with) series. Sure it had some great moments (yay plants...and...uhm...insects? Oh oh birds! Watching the pelicans eat the baby birds was neat! Plus I like birds in general. Pretty slow-mo moments with birds flying...wheeeee! The Hunter and Hunted episode was okay...lots of reused material though...and watching the fox go after the ibex kid was neat...oops getting off track) series.

Please, if you make another series, make it more unique and fun and with a less deadpan narrator. I like Sigourney Weaver (....AVATAR TOMORROW WHOOT!!1!1!) so please, use her instead.

Thanks. Bye bye.

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Teknikat [userpic]

Inside if has Pokemanz for sakuranym_kit, narumi, tigrin, eirok, and synnabar!

Garchomp, Lapras, Chikorita, Cubone, and Charizard inside!Collapse )

And that's that! Thanks a bunch for sending me pokemon to draw, and I may do this again soon! *hugs you all*

Yay I drewded for once!

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Teknikat [userpic]

Quick, first five people to give me a Pokemon to draw will get a doodle of said pokemon!


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Teknikat [userpic]

Rawr, this my flaafy, Pooka and my dratini, Tiamat! Sadly I have no clue on how to get a wi fi thingy for my DS although I want one so I can have a growlithe/arcanine...

Anyway, just a doodle I played with the past couple days!

Pokemanz bitches!

*Edit* Okay how the hell do I get it to be transparent on DA?! I've tried making it a .png but the background keeps popping up black! Ugh! *mangryface*

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Teknikat [userpic]

Okay I officially need to see this...

Guardians of Gah'hoole....owls...animation...purty...

And what song is playing during that trailer?! I must have it!

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Teknikat [userpic]

Being called into work after staying up waaaay to late to get your HM Uld proto drake is fail...

Utter fail.

But me loves me 310% speed mount...he's a sexy beast.

Still. Fail work, fail.

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Teknikat [userpic]

It's been a loooooooooooooooooooong time since I posted some doodles...mainly because I'm a WoW addict and it sucks my life away. Anyway, most of these are from over the summer....XD Enjoy!

Oodles of Doodles spamCollapse )

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Teknikat [userpic]

So I saw Princess and the Frog today....

Opinion and Spoilers Included!Collapse )


That one I truly can't wait for...I'm so excited!!!

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Teknikat [userpic]

I broke Dragon Age today...

I was trying to plug in and recharge my controller as it went out with the game going...and I accidentally tipped my Xbox 360... Horrendous grinding sound ensued and BAM...my game is no longer playable.

I weep. I weep bad.

Going to Best Buy tomorrow to exchange it hopefully....

So much weeping...

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Teknikat [userpic]

Playing Dragon Age.

Be back later.


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Teknikat [userpic]

What are some good DS games that are 25 dollars or less (or there abouts)?

I really need a new game....

Any ideas you can toss at me?

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Teknikat [userpic]

I got a job today. I am effing stoked.

See, I had the interview this morning. This evening at about 6 pm I got the call saying that if I wanted the job I'm hired. I wanted the job. I'm hired.

I have a job.

Life has hope again....*sniffle*

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Teknikat [userpic]

....I need to see this. Like now.

The dragon design is beyond wonderful....

Please can this come out now instead of March? K thx bai.

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Teknikat [userpic]

So the computer from my guildmates on WoW arrived today.....Soooooooooooo much I have to do! Plus it's Vista...I HATE Vista. As soon as I get a chance I'll be grabbing Window's 7 and praying that it's better than Vista. Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...I hate Vista.

My main problem right now is that it won't play any sound. At all. Period. It reads that there is sound, the equalizers(?) move as if there is sound but there is no sound coming out. Yes it's plugged in right and turned on. I'm so annoyed by this! And despite the fact that I had a good portion of my stuff on my external hard drive my bookmarks are all gone and I can't remember half of them! Grrr.

Also I think I may try to put in my graphics card but I worry it's going to over heat the system. I wonder if I can find a way to add a couple fans...but I have no idea how to do so! Grrr....

Haha, despite all the grrs I am happy to have my own computer again!


Vista sucks.


Sound is working...thank gods I was at my wits end! *listens happily to music* Next is to switch the graphics card...but that's a job for tomorrow!



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Teknikat [userpic]


I have the greatest guild mates in WoW ever! A husband/wife team in my guild are sending me a computer they don't use anymore, but used to play WoW on....sending me a computer, for free.

...I am beyond words. I am so happy and so grateful....I just don't know how to say thank you enough to them. Gods....sometimes I think I have the worst luck ever, and sometimes I am just so grateful to people I know....

Gods.....I'm so grateful....

Gunter and Xann....thank you so much....you have no idea how much this warms my heart and puts my faith back in people. Thank you....thank you...

*bawls like a baby*

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