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Teknikats Journal of Dooooooom!

Doom, I say, Doom!

20 September
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Hey. Okay, I'll warn you now, I'm a ranty, sad, depressed, scary art person. I love to draw, mainly my kats, my minena, and the random anthro animal thing. I love to write. Mainly at my own RP. I love my friends. Yeah.

Check out my kat site. It kicks ass. It really does.

Please, feel free to link me. I'll love you if you do.

Feel free to friend me as well, and I'll friend you back. If I friend you, don't feel obligated to friend me in return...although it'd make me reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaally happy if you did. Squee?


Age: 22

Height: 5' ...don't laugh...

Hair/eye color: Brown...

Sex: Female....surprisingly...

Status: Single

Likes: Anime, drawing, animals, Zoids, Teknikats, Minena, Tryne, friends, trees, anime, books, manga, Zoids, woods...blah blah blah

Dislikes: Whatever I don't like...


My Deviant Art account. Most of my art is here.

My Sheezy Art gallery...

My VCL gallery...mostly old stuff...reeeeally old...

I'm usually rather boring to read. Well...perhaps extremely so. I tend to write a lot about anime and Zoids...I'm a bit of a Zoids freak. I also tend to whine and write about my RP....